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ダウンロードグーグルクローム2017オフラインインストーラ - Chrome was the very first browser to come with Adobe Flash built in, rather than needing a separate (and irritating) setup. Currently Edge consists of Flash, also, as does Opera, since that browser uses all Chrome's underlying page-rendering code. Not having to execute constant Flash updates is a true blessing-- it updates immediately with the web browser. This additionally avoids Flash protection issues, since Chrome runs the plug-in in a separated sandbox without access to critical system locations.



Like Firefox, however, Chrome is now terminating Flash. In Firefox, Flash web content is on-demand, indicating you okay it with a button before it runs. Google asserts that Chrome does this for some Flash material already, which in a forthcoming release it take the very same method as Firefox.

Like Firefox as well as Side, Chrome boasts a PDF reader, so you don't need to worry about setting up Adobe plug-ins for checking out specialized Web content. When you pack a PDF, an intuitive toolbar appears when your mouse cursor remains in the lower-right corner of the browser window. You can print PDFs as you would certainly any kind of webpages.

There's a healthy and balanced supply of Chrome expansions, obtainable from the Tools submenu of the Chrome primary menu. A checkbox for every expansion enables it to run while you remain in Incognito (private-browsing) mode. 

Enough customers should have complained that extensions vanish when you go into that mode. It makes good sense that you may still wish to run your ad blocker while surfing anonymously. In contrast, Firefox's expansions always operate in its Personal Surfing setting.

After I set up an expansion, a tooltip appeared showing its symbol either in the address bar or as an included Menu button alongside the default web page and Wrench food selection. Some extensions, such as the RSS reader, don't set up icons, while others add selections to the browser's options dialog. One quibble I have is that the Chrome Extensions store, unlike each software download store, does not let you type by top downloads; it's all curated entrances. My assumption is that that's to draw attention far from the likely leading downloads-- ad blockers. An additional peeve: There's no Personal privacy as well as Security classification for extensions, which Firefox's brochure offers.


Languages: Multiple languages
License: Open Source
Author: Google
Homepage: www.google.com/chrome
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

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