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下载谷歌 chrome 2017 离线安装程序

下载谷歌 chrome 2017 离线安装程序 -  Chrome isn't really about structured appearances and easy-to search alternatives, as it packages a phishing detector that allows you know each time you arrive on websites suspected of including malware or phishing, applies the sandboxing innovation for stopping malware from installing itself on your computer, along with an automatic updating system for seeing to it you run the most recent safety features and repairs.

下载谷歌 chrome 2017 离线安装程序
下载谷歌 chrome 2017 离线安装程序

下载谷歌 chrome 2017 离线安装程序

When it pertains to maintaining your personal sessions anonymous, the programmers from Google created the well-known Incognito mode This ensures that your internet sites brows through and downloads are not conserved in the browsing and download backgrounds and all cookies are instantly erased when you close the incognito tabs.

You could likewise remove your surfing information, be it browsing as well as download background, cookies as well as plug-in info, cached pictures and documents, passwords, autofill type as well as organized app information, or web content licenses. Furthermore, you could regulate your privacy choices for cookies, pictures, JavaScript, as well as plugins. As an example, cookies might be enabled to run for particular internet sites and obstructed for all various other sites.

Sync mode.
You could sign in with your Google account and also conserve your applications, styles, expansions, autofill kinds, passwords, bookmarks, as well as various other settings, so you can access them on all your tools.

A total trustworthy as well as easy-to-handle browser
Chromes handles to blend a tidy as well as easy interface with an innovative set of configuration setups for supplying structured and safe and secure searching sessions. This makes it the ideal web browser essentially for every kind of user out there.

下载谷歌 chrome 2017 离线安装程序

Languages: Multiple languages
License: Open Source
Author: Google
Homepage: www.google.com/chrome
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

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