Where can I buy a mattress?

Before buying a mattress, you can analyze these questions: how do you sleep every night (in what position), the number of movements you do or the heat you spend. The combination of all the answers is useful so that, for example, mattress store specialists can make a personalized recommendation.

How to choose the right mattress or where can I buy a mattress? Go to a specialized mattress store to try them. Once there, we give you several keys:

  • Lie one minute on the firmer mattress and another minute on the softer one to really know what firmness you prefer.
  • Lie down several times, to check the first sensations that a mattress awakens you and to try different postures.
  • If you go to sleep together, lie down with your partner and make sure that one’s movements do not transfer to another.

Testing a mattress conscientiously is, in short, the step you should never skip. Use the time you need until you have a clear choice. And remember that this can only be done at a point of sale. Not only can you try it as much as you want, but you also have the direct help of a rest professional.

However, to make this work easier, there are more issues that you can analyze before going to a store:

  • Analyze the mattress (brand, technology, etc.) that you have had so far to know if you are satisfied or want something different. The degree of comfort is one of the main references for a specialized seller.
  • The measures of the mattress that you are looking for: it has to be big enough so that, for example, when you sleep as a couple you both have enough “living space”. Remember that the length must leave between 10 and 15 cm extra difference with respect to the height of who sleeps on it.
  • Where will the mattress be used? A first residence is not the same as occasional use.
  • How much money do you want to spend? Before answering this question, think that it is not “a bargain if you can not sleep well”. The model you select will accompany you for at least eight years.
  • Which mattress is better? The differences between mattresses can be explained first hand by your store specialist.