Which mattress type suits whom?

One-third of our life we spend on the bed so it is very important to choose the right mattress. If you have ever wondered which mattress type suits whom, here we present you a short and quick guide.

Cold foam mattress:

A cold foam mattress has very good body adaptation and point elasticity. It is the optimal mattress for people who change their sleeping position more often and sleep a little more restless. A cold foam mattress fits better for people who like to sleep a little warmer. For couples, cold foam mattresses are also recommended because they have a low ringing.

Latex mattress:

A latex foam mattress is a good choice, especially for side and stomach sleepers. For pure back sleepers, a pure latex mattress can sometimes be too soft. Latex has a very good body fit and point elasticity and is also recommended for back pain. People who perspire heavily should rather avoid the latex mattress. Latex can also be problematic for allergy sufferers.

Spring mattress:

Spring mattresses are a good choice especially for back and abdominal sleepers. The feeling of lying is usually a little firmer. Side sleepers should, therefore, prefer to choose a different mattress, since the spring core often has too low a sinking depth. This can lead to back pain. A spring mattress is a perfect mattress for people who like to sleep tight, rather quiet and prefer something cooler.

Memory foam mattress:

This type of mattress has excellent body fit and point elasticity. It is therefore regularly recommended as an orthopedic mattress. It is suitable for any sleeping position and the optimal mattress for people who like to sleep quietly and a bit warmer. Couples find it very pleasant due to the low ringing. People who sweat more and those who have a very restless sleep are advised to use another mattress.

Which mattress is suitable for your sleeping position?

Of course, the optimal mattress also depends on your sleeping position. Note: As a side sleeper you need a higher sinking depth than pure dorsal and abdominal sleepers. Only then can the spine remain in a healthy orientation. Back and abdominal sleepers need a bit more support. The optimal mattress should, therefore, be a little firmer to avoid the hammock effect – the spine hangs through. This leads to back pain.

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